E Pluribus Unum, PBUS for short. Pass the buck of the United States is going to be our new name and new world reputation. The members of Congress were scared to hold Trump accountable, and missed the opportunity to disqualify him from office. Let the courts do the job, they said. Doesn't look promising so far; the courts have said they don't want the problems, let the people decide by voting. As of today, that isn't looking too promising either.

So as a voting citizen of PBUS, I'm delegating a last-ditch effort for the continuation of a democratic America to McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken. According to medical professionals, cholesterol is nonpartisan and doesn't care about being blamed. Then the aggrieved parties could fight that; imagine the positives with that happening, winner, winner, chicken dinner. Oh what's to become of us? A banana republic that can't even grow bananas?

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